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Learn How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe From Hackers

In this modern day and age, a lot of new methods and ways have been produced and are being practiced by the society. Payment system is a term that is defined as any system that is being used to settle the financial transactions between two individual, group of individuals, organizations, and enterprises, through the transfer of monetary value. The different entities or elements that can make the process of exchange possible include rules, people, instruments, standards, institutions, procedures, and technologies. One of the most traditional type of payment system is the one that is being done on the bank, and the exchange is through the process called as bank deposits. An example of the electronic or digital payment system that is being used by the people worldwide, is the bitcoin.

The term bitcoin is recognized as the first and the most commonly used decentralized digital currency, and to more specific, such term is an example of cryptocurrency. The bitcoin basically works without a single administrator and without a central bank. The bitcoin has been introduced to the people on the year of 2009, and it was released as a software that is categorized as an open-source, and it is believed that bitcoin was made under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, but this specific individual or group of individuals are anonymous. The uses of the bitcoin is that it can be exchanged for products, services and for other currencies, and its reward process is typically known as mining.

The basic definition of the wallet for bitcoin is that it stores the electronic or digital credentials for the bitcoin holdings and it also stores the necessary information to transact bitcoin; and it is also allows the user to spend and have an access with the said cryptocurrency. There are definitely a lot of various types of wallet for bitcoin, but the most common wallet used by the people is the software wallet. However, the software wallets can only be used via the internet, and it has been divided into two different categories, namely the lightweight clients and the full clients.

The hardware wallet is another example of the bitcoin wallet and it is produced similarly as a USB drive, and it is most commonly recommended to the bitcoin users if they want to secure and protect their bitcoin from online hackers. The hardware wallet can store the private keys of the user, as well as, the currency, and it can avoid any online hackers for it is not connected to the internet. There are absolutely a lot of hardware wallets designed for bitcoin, and the people who wants to use the best one may find the best hardware wallet for them via the internet.

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