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Purpose of Window Wells Some houses have basement and it should also be secured in the way you are securing the doors and windows of the upper levels of your house. The challenge in having a basement is that you are required to install window wells under the IRC 2000 Egress Code, that specifies that the windows should have a sill height below ground elevation, and that the window well has “at least 9 square feet with a horizontal projection of 36 inches”. Understandably, you will think that this huge doorway is sacrificing the privacy of your home, but you can protect and secure this egress entrance from possible intruders or animals by covering the well with an egress window well. Window wells can help prevent water and snow fill from coming into your basement, depending on the material you will use, whether it is polycarbonate, steel and other material. If you use steel covers, the material include mesh and rebar which have holes in them to let the sunshine through. These covers can help avoid accidents and protect children and small pets from falling into the hole. During emergency situations like a fire, the window wells can be used by the crew to enter your house and other escape situation for your safety. It is advisable that you also buy safety escape ladders that you can use during your emergency escape in the basement.
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For better protection, you can have your window wells custom fit, and when properly done, it can carry more than 300 pounds. Be cautious with some window wells that are produced poorly and thus cannot hold weight. It is advisable also to get window wells that are rubberized coated since it includes UV protection, anti-rust and corrosion protections for maximum life protection.
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Other purpose of window wells are keeping out rain, dirt, dust, and animals out of the basement. A safety barrier can be created between the outside and the inside of your house since most designs of covers are strong and durable. In areas with snow season, melting snow is a basic problem in basements. Unprotected window wells are very problematic in areas with high amounts of snow every winter because of the flooding it entails. Molds are sure to grow in basements that do not get proper ventilation and damp, and this can cause health problems to people residing in the house, like asthma attacks, respiratory troubles, and headaches. If your house is located in an area where flooding is a possibility, having a solid cover on your basement windows can save you water damage restoration work that can range from $3,000 to $5,000 value of work. The installation of a basement window cover can generally be done by the homeowner. Just give the dimensions to the manufacturer and they can suggest also on the appropriate material to use.