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Which Pest Control Method To Apply In Your House? No one wants to think of pest control as it only means that we have unwanted guests living under our roofs that are not pleasant at all. There are a number of things that can be done actually whether it is spiders, termites, rodents or ants. Although, nothing is more effective than calling a professional pest control company. Working with such professional can help you to find out the best method possible to treat your problems with just minimal disruptions in your daily routine. Depending on what problem that you are dealing with, there are one or more methods that can be applied to eliminate pests in your house. Number 1. Baiting – to attract insects in traps, baiting method is using baits. The bait may be anything from organic material, a pesticide or even a regular kitchen item. Some of the baits have poison, which allows insect to feed and get back to their colony to which they’ll poison the entire population. A few of the recommended areas for making use of baits in your house include drawers and kitchen cupboards, behind kitchen appliances, under the sink and near water installations in bathroom.
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Due to the reason that bait isn’t seen easily by people visiting your house, doesn’t have strong odor and virtually, non toxic to pets and people, this method has become the most preferred method by numerous homeowners.
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Number 2. Attract other insects – usually, this method is done outdoors especially for those pets that are eating garden plants and shrubs you may order beneficial insects that’ll naturally prey on pesky pests in your yard or garden or even plant species that are capable of attracting the right types of bugs. On the other hand, this takes a bit of time but, it is something that you should plan to give beneficial insects time to establish and grow their hunting ground. Number 3. Chemical control – insecticides are pretty common method and is administered either by homeowner or a professional service. See to it that you are utilizing insecticides that are right for your situation and follow instructions of application. Say that you have some doubts or have serious insect problems, then you may want to consider hiring an experienced pest control service before spending efforts and money on ineffective methods that can cause harm to your vegetation or pets. Number 4. Traps – this method is commonly used for the non insect pests similar to mice and rats. They are able to catch rodents and hold them until a professional or even you yourself empty the trap. You may buy mouse traps at various retail stores.