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Ganja And Cocaine Have Medical Benefits, Anything Wrong?

History records that since 10,000 BC, marijuana trees have been used as a cup to store precious objects. In addition to storage, one of the benefits of marijuana is a spice cook. You must have heard that there are regional dishes that use marijuana as cooking ingredients. Then, does cooking marijuana have the same effect as smoking marijuana? Or even actually bring benefits? Find out in the following article. However, in addition to having adverse effects, cannabis also has tremendous benefits for the body. Here are some of the benefits of cannabis are good for health. Cancer is basically a disease associated with cannabidiol, hence the cure for cancer as long as he knows it only exists in marijuana. In fact, all of his drug diseases are marijuana, including deadly diseases of HIV / AIDS.

The benefits of marijuana as a building material have been known since time immemorial. In 2500 BC pharaohs used marijuana to build a huge pyramid. It could be the possibility of the compound play a role. But it needs to be proven again. Although in general, flavonoid compounds such as green tea, can also be used for cancer drugs, “he said.

Sudden deaths are known to be more common in cannabis users. The reason Florida Medical Marijuana, cannabis users have four times more risk of heart attack. Even those without a history of heart disease. Reported, the use of marijuana as a drug in the United States was still closely monitored.

Meanwhile, Orlando Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors said, not planning to do research on marijuana that is believed to be used as a drug of various diseases. Because it really is, whether marijuana or cocaine used to be used for medical purposes, until finally many who abuse the stamp as a narcotic attached to them.

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida said marijuana is beneficial for treatment because of the compound cannabidiol or CBD. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) prohibits the use of marijuana for three main reasons: the medical benefits of cannabis can be replaced by more effective drugs and the use of cannabis can cause addiction.