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7 Things to Avoid When Starting a Business

In a business there must be a risk, and wherever possible we avoid these risks. There is also a constraint, such constraints in terms of capital, but you do not have to worry about capital, because you can get loan tips through
This will be the future of your business, whether it will grow or not? So you do not get confused about what you should avoid doing business, here are seven simple things that you must avoid in business:

1. Delay
An entrepreneur must act in the right moment. You should be able to avoid delays, especially if it concerns the future of your business, for example, meet with clients.
When meeting with clients required to avoid the delay, because this is very concerning the continuity of your business. And want all the planning (plan) in a scheduled business without a second too late. Set the schedule as detailed as possible so that no activity will be missed.

2. Too focused for riches
Entrepreneurs not only traders who calculate profit and loss continuously. Starting a business with dreams of becoming rich are likely to be upset if a failure.
There is no evidence that the entrepreneur produces a higher return on average than ordinary workers. There is plenty of evidence that a higher risk of failure as a businessman. There is a couple of business should you start with the first loss, it is necessary to establish the position of your business.

3. One of treated clients
For an entrepreneur, the customer or the customer is king. Especially in the service business. Once do not like the client, then the reputation of your business will be disabled.
You should be able to recognize as your client and what she likes and dislikes. Do not let a simple mistake that you do can make you lose them.

4. Errors in determining the business organization
The point to the beginning of your business needs a business forum that could help you to build your entrepreneurial character. It also greatly assist you in exchanging ideas about the business.
However, if one chose business organizations this will actually destroy your business, because the business organizations it will be many other businesses. When you get the wrong partner or mentor they would abuse your ignorance about the business to business drop is being pioneered.

5. Do not solve problems on their own
Entrepreneurs should master the business field that he run. Too much trust in others or handed over all decisions to others will be bad for business that were developed.
Some even dared to suggest that businesses like children. Must be cared for and raised his own, entrust everything to others it will be very big risk for your business.

6. Mixing business capital and profits to meet the everyday needs
Remember, we have to make a pretty good financial cash although its probably still modest. Do not necessarily use the capital and profits of business results for our daily needs.
If you are forced to take the cash, then suppose that the loan must be repaid. Venture capital and profits should be separated from everyday purposes as if mixed stir it will damage the existing financial cash.

7. Pleasure doing business itself
If you have the intention to open up employment opportunities, why not dare to force people to pay for work on some of the responsibility you if your business began to flourish?
This is advantageous because you can think of expanding the business with your ideas to other unencumbered business technically already started first.
Develop your business and work with your partner. Remove your short thoughts that pay other personnel will harm you.

Those are some things you should avoid doing business, not just tips and tricks that must be mastered in business but also simple things that turned out to be a mistake in running your business.