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Portable Gadgets for Business Travelers

Efficiency, productivity, and cost savings are among the noteworthy benefits of having portable gadgets brought during a business travel, especially if the business man has to frequently juggle to meetings at different locations and staying organized.

Laptop during a business trip

The usefulness and advantages of laptops, especially those with an outstanding battery, during a business trip are: ideal for remote access to email, schedules and documents; provide full functionality of a desktop PC; can handle full range of office software; can be connected to wireless technology; useful in making presentations, check stock level, make quotations, and place online orders; ideal for flexible work.

Portable power bank for business travel

An external battery or a portable power bank is a must-gadget during a business trip and a good investment because it is useful as a portable charger for your smartphone or other devices once its battery’s life is low and, knowing how useful it is to have during a business trip, here are things to consider in looking for a good portable power bank: physical size – choose the right size to fit well into your luggage; battery capacity – a capacity of 5,000 mAh is adequate to recharge your smartphone; USB ports – the more ports, the more devices can be charged; charging output – the higher the amperage the faster the device will charge; casing and material – using durable material like aluminium or silicone especially when trips are as frequent.

Having a portable router during a business travel

The usefulness of bringing a travel router during a business trip is when the location does not have an Internet access, such that having a travel router, which is a category of broadband routers that is designed to help people connect their mobile devices, provides these advantageous features: compact size – generally less than 10 cm in width or height, which is convenient to carry; battery powered – enables the router to be used for a few, precious hours; tethering capability – supplies online connectivity, such that it shares Internet access via a tethered 3G/4G cell phone; Wi-Fi client support – advanced routers can join hotspots as a Wi-Fi client and can share the same connection out to other clients from its own built-in access point.

Usefulness of a streaming stick

Bringing a streaming stick, which is a small device, not much larger than a thumb drive, that is directly plug into a port on a TV, can allow a business traveler to stream television shows, movies, music, games, and other contents in the Internet to entertain and ease out the hurdles of a busy business trip during his night schedules with the device’s great features: flexible; can watch all available streaming media content using a web browser; easy to log in all hotel Wi-Fi; can run a VPN; can play Powerpoint presentations; has USB and Ethernet ports; can plug in USB flash drive to play content; supports Bluetooth devices.

Luggage tracker for business travelers

Having a luggage tracker, which uses a GSM chip that connects to your smartphone, can easily help you track the location of your luggage, because losing your precious luggage which contains your clothes, laptop, charger, other devices, and business documents is a disaster that can happen during a business travel.