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Goose Down vs. Feather Pillows: Which One Is Right for You?

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In this nonstop world, there is nothing more important than getting a good night’s sleep. A luxurious pillow is one way to help yourself sleep soundly through the evening. Both goose down and feather pillows remain highly popular, but which type is best suited for your sleeping needs?

Type of Filling

If you purchase a feather pillow, you’re getting a pillow that is stuffed with a mixture of down and feathers. For the most luxurious experience, look for pillows that contain at least 75 percent feathers. The higher the feather content, the softer and fluffier the pillow will feel.

On the other hand, goose down pillows are mostly filled with down clusters. Any large feathers are removed during the manufacturing process; however, it’s common for one or two stray feathers to make it through. Down pillows are sturdier and firmer than feather ones.

What to Expect

While both feather and … Read the rest